Shia Kazami

Shia Kazami in Mechtanium Surge Arc 2

Shia Kazami

Shia Kazami is a Ventus Brawler who appears first as a minor antagonist in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge (Arc 2). At first, not much is known about her because she keeps to herself but later, she joins the Brawlers as their second Ventus Brawler, the first one being her twin brother, Shun. Later, she becomes a major protagonist but is still under suspicion by the Brawlers.


In Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Arc 2, Shia wears a light aquamarine shirt that has a belt that wraps around her neck, gray shorts that sit just above her knees and light brown boots that sit just below her knees with two purple belts wrapped around them. Her hair hangs freely and reaches down to her waist. Shia's hair falls over her eyes similar to Fabia's and her eyes are a slightly darker shade than Shun's.


Shia, unlike her calm and calculating brother, wasn't raised like a ninja. She was raised on Neathia and is good friends with Fabia Sheen. Shia gets displeased easily and often acts stubborn like Dan. She doesn't consider herself to be related at all to her brother Shun Kazami, even though she seems to have the same strategic mind as him. However, she can act with emotion instead of thinking about the situation when things don't go her way.

Bakugan: Mechtanium SurgeEdit

Unlike everyone else, Shia doesn't brawl as much. She does own a Bakugan but she prefers to keep away from the spotlight of Bakugan Interspace, which, for some reason drives her off. Shia likes to create new Baku-Gear for use in battle.

Shia runs into her brother, Shun , after at least 18 years but they simply glare at each other and leave in the opposite direction. Later, Shia meets up again with Shun and Dan and Marucho. Shun is suspicious of Shia, since he never saw her around Bakugan Interspace before. Dan demands the truth and Shia agrees to tell them, on one condition: brawl her to the finish and whoever loses must forfeit brawling forever. Shia and Shun brawl and tie the brawl. Shia smirks at Shun before she leaves, making her exit with the stinging remark "Looks like you're not so tough for a ninja after all."


Latest activityEdit

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